Feeling a Little Flat

Once I finish this one month challenge, I’ll be starting my own Legs/Abs workout calendar (primarily focusing on legs, though).

Hopefully, I’ll see great changes! I will take before & after pictures for the Legs/Abs challenge.

too many sweets today…

more self control tomorrow!

Having one of those days where I look at myself in the mirror and I’m like “what the heck! why do my legs looks like that?!” (my legs are my favorite part of my body because they usually look pretty fine)

today… my legs just didn’t look as good as usual.

but screw it. i think it was the jeans i was wearing. and the shoes that i were wearing with it. actually probably just the whole outfit.

now that i think about it, it’s important to dress yourself properly otherwise you get all these negative thoughts about yourself but your body actually looks amazing!